Tamilnadu State board First Mid Term Model Question Paper

tamilnad2020 March 05, 2016

First Mid Term Test - July 2007
Standard XI
Time: 1.30 Hrs. English I paper Marks:50

Section - A (Vocabulary - Lexial competencies)
I. A] Choose the most accurate of the four given contexts which equates with that of the italicized lexial item in each of the following sentences: 3*1=3

1) She went on to clock an incredible 760hours in space.
a) Radhika made a determined effort.
b) Don Brodman’s record is unbelievable.
c) Ramani owes a lot of money to the medical shop.
d) That fruit is not edible.

2) she yearned for a second chance.
a) Raka longs to see her parents who are in mimbai.
b) The yarn spun is superior.
c) Ravi earns a lot of money.
d) She never misses her chance.

3) It was to be her eternal voyage.
a) Our tour to hyderbad was enjoyable.
b) Train journey is more comfortable than a bus journey.
c) Mother’s grace is endless towards human beigs.
d) The excursion was a pleasurable one.

B] Choose the most accurate of the four given words opposite to the underlined words:--

4) Chaula enjoyed flying. 3*1=3
a) dismissed b) suffered c) hated d) celebrated

5) That’s exactly what she did.
a) correctly b) internally c) equally d) externally

6) which included experiencing the pull of gravity.
a) inclined b) declined c) excluded d) extended

C] Answer in a paragraph: 2*5=10

7) What was kalpana Chawala’s achievement in space and how did she describe her. . experiences.

8)Describe Kalpana’s last interview. What was her message to children?

D] Answer in a paragraph: 1*10=10

9) Kalpana Chawala's gift, dreams and realisation of her dreams.

Section - B
II. A) Identify each sentence with the field in the list given below by understanding
the word or words serving as the clue: 1*5=5

10) The dropout have decreased due to the efforts of the government.
11) The satellite was positioned in the orbit.
12) The new variety gave a good yield.
13) He wanted to download the programme.
14) Tendulkar scored a century.

(Space, Agriculture, Computer, Education, Sports)

B] Fill the blanks with suitable tenses form: 5

15) Kalpana ________ (graduate) from Tagore school.
16) Water ________ (boil) at 100 c.
17) Slow and steady _______ (win) the race.
18) If I ________ (be) a bird, I would Fly.
19) Raka _______ (buy) an Atlas yesterday.

III.A]Read the following set of poetic lines and answer the question that follow:
20) I'll be writing no letters; I'll be posting no mail.
Forwith nobody to visit one and not a friend in hail.
a) Why won't the speaker write letters?
b) What are the rhyming words?

B] Explain with reference to the context: 2*2 1/2 =5

21) You can start the count down, you can take a last cook.
You can pass me my helmet from its plastic hook.
22) In solitry confinement as complete as any goal.

C] Write a paragraph on 5

23) The poet's picturisation of the space.

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